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Everyone knows that straight teeth give you a beautiful smile. Did you know that straighter teeth can affect your overall health? Crooked or misaligned teeth also known as malocclusion affects 74% of American adults. Left untreated crooked teeth can lead to Periodontal (gum) disease and create abnormal amounts of stress on teeth and jaws, which can lead to premature wear. The affects of crooked teeth can worsen over time and may adversely affect your overall health.

Starting Invisalign

Common types of misalignment include crowding, spacing, deep bite, open bite, cross bite, edge-to-edge bite, and excessive overjet. Crooked teeth can affect your bite, creating unnatural stress and pressure, leading to premature wear. Teeth that are exposed to excessive pressure are vulnerable to chipping and notches at the gum line. Overtime the excessive force may also cause flattened or worn-down teeth or chipping and fractures at the edges of the teeth. Additionally, a bad bite may produce improper forces on the jaw joint, that may lead to pain in the jaw, earaches and even headaches.

Why Choose Invisalign

Correctly positioning your teeth for proper alignment and function will help prevent future dental problems and make a significant difference towards a healthy mouth and keeping your teeth for life.

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