Meet the Smile Palatine Team in Palatine, IL

Front Desk Team

The Smile Palatine team provides a pleasant experience for all aspects of your dental treatment. You will be greeted by a warm and friendly smile from one of our Front Desk Team members, who are responsible for coordinating your treatment visits.

Dorotka- Front Desk


Nikki- Office Coordinator


Kasia- Front Desk



Hygiene Team

The Hygiene Team ensures you are able to care for your teeth and gums properly at home through a personalized schedule of maintenance office visits.

Joanna (Asia) Kacprzycki, R.D.H


Patrycja Mosiniewicz, R.D.H.



Dental Assistants

Our experienced and knowledgeable Dental Assistants ensure your comfort throughout your treatment and assist our doctors in answering questions about procedures to restore and maintain your oral health.

Ania- Dental Assistant


Mary - Dental Assistant



To ensure no relapse of disease, the efficiency of home maintenance, and to check for the need of further treatment, regular periodic exams by our doctors coupled with radiographic evaluation is necessary.

Your personalized treatment plan will be explained in detail before beginning, and to ensure attainable access to all care for all our patients Order sarafem each individual’s insurance plans and financing options will be explained by our Front Desk Team.

Smile Palatine

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